Space Coast Vacation Planner

Planning and designing a magazine from the ground up

I was tasked with designing the Space Coast Vacation Planner from start to finish. In total, the project took over 3 months to plan and execute, and was over 100 pages in length. This also was my first jump into working with vendors and advertisers to bring everything together.
This magazine required proper planning to ensure the timeline would stay intact so I started with wireframes. Each different type of article was planned out and sketched up along with rough concept ideas for the layouts to convey to my creative director. Once we got approvals I transitioned to creating a look for each article, callout, etc. and the magazine started to really develop.
Cover Options
Three distinct covers were chosen to capture the adventure, waves and out of this world opportunities the space coast offers.
take a look
Below is the interactive magazine you can scroll through to see page to page.
(Note: Experienced best on larger screens)

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